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The company Pro-Gruppen d.o.o. was established in 2001 as a general representative of Swedish firms Rekal AB and Trion AB. Our main activity is the distribution and selling of systems for dosing and agents for professional washing of dishes and clothes, for cleaning and room hygiene, as well as for removing of graphite and for protection of all surfaces.

In 2005 Pro-Gruppen has also become a representative of the Swedish firm Wexiodisk AB which produces a wide range of machines for professional washing of dishes.

Since 1st May of 2007 the Swedish firm Rekal AB has become an owner of 20% of Pro-Gruppen, and it is currently changing the name of the firm to PRO-REKAL d.o.o. A change in the owner’s structure of the company will contribute to creating of better cooperation with our Swedish partner, especially in relation to exchange “know-how” in relation to all matters in the field of professional washing of dishes, clothes, cleaning and maintaining of hygiene.

Our main business idea is to become a deliverer of a complete range of quality, ecologic products for professional cleaning, washing and hygiene in the area of hotel management, catering, industry in the area of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Also to become a recognizable partner in the area of removing of graphite, cleaning and protection of buildings, monuments, wagons, and other public and private surfaces with qualitative, ecologic cleansing agents.

We are currently, through our distributors, present in the markets of Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, and directly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently we are opening a market in Macedonia.

Besides an attractive production program we also offer services of training of staff of buyers, installation of systems for automatic dosing and technical service, as well as help with solving problems which they face on the occasion of executing working tasks.

Present and future
Pro-Gruppen is a long term and reliable partner which strives for us to develop effective methods of work and the relation towards the environment for our generation and future generations.

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Professional cleansing agents and maintaining of hygiene, from our range, are mostly concentrates which dissolve in water, in a certain proportion. Rekal’s products are intended or hotels, restaurants, public kitchens, food industry etc. Trion’s products are intended for removing of graphites, washing and protection of facades, as well as for industrial cleaning. Wexiodisk’s machines for dishwashing are necessary equipment to all restaurants, hotels, public kitchen’s, grills, café-bars etc.